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Brother, group, zombies, zombie apocalypse, woman, 1800s lady, hotel

I had a dream which I didnt consider a nightmare, really. I was with a group of people: a man, a woman and a boy who was apparently my brother even though I dont have one. We were in the apocalypse, I suppose is the word for it, and zombies were roaming around. We were in a sort of city/town thing, and to hide we would go into little shops and wait for the zombies to pass us. In this particular day within the dream, we went into a hotel with an inner mall to hide. There was one other lady there in a bathtub. She was about 60, long blonde hair (Ive never seen her in my waking life) and she said we could hide there but she was not responsible for us. When the zombies started to attack, we started to hide. I was separate from everyone. Some hid in the kitchens and I hid in a shower from a spa. The zombies, weirdly enough, walked right past us and attacked the people working there instead. We had guns we never used with us and I remember thinking it was peculiar. At one point we went out because they were gone and people were walking around like nothing had happened until someone announced they were back and I remember I caught a glimpse of a woman dressed like she was in the late 1800s, big dress and a hat and everything. I ran past her into a shoe store and hid in a dressing room. After a while, some guy came in to shoo me out because they were gone. Then, when they came back, I hid around the entrance of the hotel behind a courtain, and a sentient computer was there, protecting me. The same lady from the beginning insulted the computer and it got upset and released this weird gas. I covered my mouth and nose with a towel and this green smoke came out. When everything got wiped, I returned with my group and sat next to my brother who was eating and offered me a small burger. It cut to something more like a paradise, but I dont remember much of what happened there. (I want to addi havent been watching any zombie related things)

Posted 1 year ago

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