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Brothers and horses

I was at my house, a large mansion type home, and my three brothers were there playing video games with my ex boyfriend. It is important to note, I have no brothers only 2 sisters, nor do I live in a large house. I owned several horses and it was raining, the horses were taking refuge under our porch, and some of them were getting sick so I took them to a warm dry place stay. Apparently, I was sneaking out at night to see my new boyfriend and my father was very angry about it. My eldest brother tried to catch me sneaking out and then tried to seduce me, but I convinced him this action was wrong. I also told him how hurt I was that he was spending time with my ex. The ex in my dream is my ex in real life, whom I am very afraid of. I told my dream brother about a letter my ex wrote me, where he implied he would kill my new boyfriend if he had the chance, (I have received no such letters in real life). My dream brother started to come around to realize how bad my ex really is, and so I went out to ride one of my horses. I asked which horse would like to go out, and a small white colt stepped forward excitedly, I told him he was too young and asked for my favorite horse to come out. A large grey horse with a black nose, black hair and spots but I became aware that my favorite was very sick and ran into the house crying. I also remember going up and down a lot of stairs, and I believe I was Hispanic in my dream, at the very least I had black hair, (I am 100% white and have blonde hair). It might be worth noting that my ex boyfriend is Chilean. What on Earth does this dream mean?

Posted 3 years ago

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