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bully gets killed in soda factory.

Nightmare? I was mostly shocked at the details in this dream and its content.

I was at a soda factory, getting a tour? My twin brother was a small 5-6window year old in my dream. He was being picked on by two other kids and they started falling into a slippery pathway, I upset at seeing these kids picking on my little brother, snatched him away from there without caring abou other kids. We watched when the bully fell into what lookedlike a machine that would pressurize him through the pipes. I stood in shock. didn’t say anything but watched in shock as the workers tried to deal with the problem they had with their pipes. As I saw what looked like soda, blood and skin chunks float through a pipe slowly. The workers cleared him out in chunks and I just stare in disbelief. I could have saved home if I’d known that would have happened. The chunks I held in my hand felt like some kind of compressed rubber and couldn’t believe theism was once a kid. I woke up grossed out at the thought and wondered WTH DOES THIS MEAN! Nd why would I dream such a thing?

Posted 5 years ago

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