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Bunch of little mice

I had a dream about a bunch of little mice. They were in a cage and I was looking at them for a long time. In the dream I was fascinated watching them eat and run around in the cage. Some of the mice were sleeping and others were running in that ball thing people use for hamsters. Since I have a fear of mice in real life I was wondering what this dream could mean.

Posted 6 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

Dreaming about mice means that too much of your time is being spent on small matters that are of little importance. The time wasted dwelling on minor issues is nibbling way at your mind; leaving your mental resources depleted.
Mice dreams can also indicate running about or scurrying in real life. This would tie in with dwelling on insignificant issues. It can mean you are running around doing things that could wait until later rather than taking care of important tasks.
Seeing mice that are eating in a dream means someone in real life is eating away at your confidence.  This could be a friend, co-worker or even family member who is pulling on your energy in small bites, so to speak. The fact that you watched the mice in the dream indicates you are ready to face these issues.

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Answered By: Dreamsolver(24 points Dream Interpreter)

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