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Bus Crash and bringing people back to life

-note this is long and gory. Cody is a boyfriend and everybody else are/were friends from school. Thx-

Dream 10-8-14

I was on a bus with alot of other ppl from school there. I was sitting next to Savy, talking to Caden Hicks, who was sitting across from me. The bus pulled into a huge grassy lot-place and starting turning to the left. All of a sudden, i heard a distinct snap. I knew the brakes had broken and we were stuck accelerating while turning sharply. I screamed “EVERYBODY HOLD ON!” and people started screaming. We were being thrown around by the immense force of the bus turning at such a high frequency and speed, it was like holding onto a merry-go-round going out of control. Suddenly,
Caden flew out of his seat and started flipping down the isle. I grabbed the back of his shirt and hauled him back onto a seat, but he was heavier than me so that resulted in me flying out of my seat and toward the front of the bus. Savannah shouted and grabbed onto my hand, but missed because i was being sucked away by the wind in the bus. The windshield and the emergency window had blown out, sprinkling everybody with shattered pieces. Everyone screamed louder, shouting “NO!” as I grew closer and closer to the open windshield and tried to grab my hand, but none succeeded. I flew out of the bus. I groaned as my body hit the wall 9 feet above the ground with surprising force. I landed with a thump and I curled up in a ball, groaning. I looked up, and was surprised how I was still alive and how every bone in my body wasn’t broken. A loud screeching broke through the pounding in my ears and I remembered the bus. I jumped to my feet and screamed at the top of my lungs as the bus collided into a wall. I sprinted flat-out toward the steaming and battered bus. I sighed in a stressed relief as people poured out of the bus. As I grew closer, my heart stopped, making me freeze in my tracks. I counted everybody, listing off the names in my head. Cody, Connor, Savy, Levi Hamilton and Caden weren’t with everybody. I sobbed and pushed past people, ignoring their shock at how im still alive. I climbed onto the bus, dreading what ill see. I climbed the last step and turned the corner. I screamed at the top of my lungs. Cody was laying in the middle of the isle, half under a twisted seat. The back of his head was dented and blood pooled around his body, and a shard of bone sticking out of his back. I ran toward him with tears blurring my vision. I crouched down, holding his hand, biting back another scream. He had no pulse. I dropped to the ground and held his face in my hands, sobbing. His eyes were closed and his head lolled. I squeezed my eyes shut and screamed through gritted teeth. I felt like this was all my fault. Suddenly, i heard a faint groan. My eyes flew open. I stared into Cody’s eyes. He was alive. I cried in relief. He smiled and said “Hey Taitum. Are you ok?”
“Am I ok?!” I whispered. I kissed him, amazed and so, so relieved that he was alive… I hugged him tightly and pried off the twisted seat. He was perfectly fine! He walked off the bus, completely fine after somehow being brought back to life. Then I remembered the others. I looked back and saw a form at the back of the bus. My heart froze once again. ( This bus was massive apparently) I ran to the back of the bus and slid to a stop. It was Connor. Headless. I just stood there, mortified. (I forgot what happened after that) Connor was sitting upright in the seat, healed and looking dazed. (Apparently id done the same thing to Connor what id done to Cody- I think I had a healing power-) So i helped Conner out of the bus too. Eventually I found Levi with his neck broken, dead too, and I healed him. Savannah had been partly crushed by two seats, and I healed her too. But i went outside and found Caden incased in ice.
-???- He was the one that never made it. Everybody was silent with shock.
-Flash forward- Connor and I were walking on a grassy hill at a hospital area.
I asked him “So, do you remember what happened?”
He looked confused and replied
“Uh… Not really. I was sitting in my seat and I blacked out. Then I woke up to see you.”
“Connor. You died. You were headless!!”
He shook off the feeling, “Yeah, but I’m alive now, because of you.”
I shrugged. ” I did what I had to do. I wouldn’t let a friend die.”
He looked down. “Why didn’t you save Caden instead of me…?”
I turned to him. “Connor. I didn’t have any chance to save him. I saved you. I wouldn’t of given it a second thought.” He shrugged. “Connor, im sorry.” -like wtf are my dreams anymore-

Posted 2 years ago

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