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I’ve had 2 dreams recently with bushfires… first was taken back to when I was having celebrations with mates down by the river, camping and whatnot and then all of a sudden bushfires come out of nowhere.. we start packing all of our stuff up, get into the back of a mates ute and drive through the bush to escape while our campsite fills up with a thick smoke that follows us.
The second dream, I’m at a mates home back in Australia and then I’m on a bus to Edinburgh (don’t know how that works – was in Edinburgh for Hogmanay).. driving down the road we hit a lot of traffic moving really slowly, we over take it, then cars on fire start roaring past going in the opposite direction. The bus stops, we get out and walk forward to take a look at whats ahead.. We all see a glow in the distance after walking for a while and notice that its a bush fire so turn around and run. Meanwhile there’s more vehicles roaring past that are alight; trucks, cars, etc. Some get ahead of us then blow up so we jump behind some naturally made thing of grass and rocks and hide… its on the side of a short cliff with a small creek beside it.. After a while we realise we need to run from the fire so jump down to the flat land on the other side of the creek and run.. and thats it
Lately I have been stressing about bushfires back home as there’s some high danger across my home state could be connected to that.. but maybe not? just thought it was weird that i’d had 2 dreams where i end up running from fire

Posted 2 years ago

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