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Cat’s big tooth in my left hand..

I had a dream about a white and black cat. The cats head and tail was black and the rest of the cat was white. It was angry with me and it was showing its angry teeth at me. I got scared and it attacked me. It bit me in my left palm of my hand and I looked at my hand to see the cats big sharp tooth imbeded in my hand. Which out of anger and emotional hurt led me to pull the top half of the cats head off along with the eyes. Leaving the cat with just a nose and mouth! Then it ended.

Posted 6 years ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1

Hey, ICButterflies!
Hope you catch this in time.
Wow, you remembered this dream pretty clearly!
Okay, this is a pretty creepy dream but I’ll try to do my best.
In dreams, aggressive cats often represent your enemies. By the way – was the cat mewing? If so, that could represent someone who pretends or pretended they’re your friend. friend
When people dream of cats attacking them it usually represents a similar attack in life – an attack that they either suffered in the past, or one that you perceive that is bound to happen.
Such an attack can very well be related to reputation, money or property – do you think that’s got anything to do with any of it?
What’s great about it is that you counter-attacked and killed it. While I’m not pro killing animals, killing this cat means that you attacked back and overcame (or will overcome) a great threat and may rise to fortune.
Here’s what I found in a book: “A panther, like the cat, seen in a dream, portends evil to the dreamer, unless he kills it.”
So that’s good news :)

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Answered By: AlexWeiss(5 points Novice)
Interpretation #2

Don’t really remember the 1st part of my dream. But I do remeber that my Brother’s Girlfriend (Whom I’m corderal with, but her & I are not friends. We speak but we don’t really like each other). came walking across the street with a dress that looked simular to a dress I have. It was this Yellow & Black dress. I bought the dress years ago, but never wore it because once I got it home & tried it on, I looked like a Bumble Bee!(I still have it hanging in my closet, not sure why I haven’t tossed it yet) Anyway, back to the dream…. She walks toward me, we kinda meet in the middle of the street. She’s smiling as she walks up to me, and she say’s “You know You Have Something In Your Hair?” So I’m like, “What? Girl get it out!” She pulls a cat’s tooth out of my hair and hands it to me. I remember it was in my left hand, and I was staring at it, thinking about how it could’ve gotten there. Then I looked up at her and woke up. The Cat’s tooth & her in that dress puzzles me. What do you think this could mean????

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Answered By: tikimac(4 points Novice)

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