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Chase dream what does it mean?

It was dark and raining and I was in something bar or place. Went I open the door to the outside my boyfriend came out the car with a red flag and told me to come to him. However, Gunnar’s was looking for him and I started running with him. We ran I was ahead told him to follow me. We jumped over a few gates but he wasn’t fast enough and were shot at. I believe we were about to be catch but I woke up

Posted 3 months ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

Usually when you have a “chase dream”, it means that you are avoiding problems in real life. Since you mentioned how it was dark and rainy, you must feel depressed or sad and your dreams are using that as a symbol of rain. I’m not sure why the flag was red, but red usually means passion, love, or anger. Maybe it was meant as a sign of love since your boyfriend was waving it for you. Maybe you are avoiding something toward your boyfriend, or your avoiding something together. Another thing is that maybe you and your boyfriend are taking things too fast in real life because he wasn’t fast enough to keep up with you. If you happen to have a real boyfriend in real life, then consider slowing things down or you might have problems. (That’s why you were shot because you weren’t at the same pace.) I’m not sure if I helped, but it sounds convincing.

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Answered By: lilyturner21(12 points Dream Interpreter)

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