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Chased by a Ghost

Ok, to start off, nothing bad happened to me previous to this dream, nor good; I had a pretty normal day. I’ve only just woken from this dream/nightmare, and I’m just a little shaken up and I think it may mean something malicious.
Ok, so the dream started out with me, a male and a female. I’d say– even though I was born in the 90’s– that this was the 80’s, since everyone I saw, including myself and my ‘friends’, were in 80’s style clothing. Myself and my female friend boarded a train and left our male friend behind; I don’t know why, but I was upset about this.
Half way through the train journey, my friend and I were looking at Polaroid type photos of things that had happens previously that day. I got upset and my friend comforted me, saying that ‘I’ll see him again’. I didn’t know what that meant, but I just nodded and stopped crying.
I looked through the photos again, this time smiling.
However, a new photo which wasn’t previously in the pile caught my attention. I brought it to my face and I saw what looked like a woman, face down in water, in what looked like a white sleeping gown. During this time, I think I was becoming more self-aware because I could physically feel my hard sink. I showed the photo to my friend but she was already looking at me like I’d just done something wrong. I asked her “what is this?” over and over, but she wouldn’t answer.
The scene suddenly changes, my friend and I are walking across a river bank in between the river itself and a small neighbourhood. It’s dark, and the street lamps are our only light. My heart it beating uncontrollably at this point (but i was still mentally calm). I look over to my friend; her fists are clenched and she’s crying. I don’t think she wanted to be there, and I think she knew what was about to happen. I look forward and I suddenly stop in my tracks. From where I was standing, I could see, around 20 ft from me, was the woman I saw in the photo; except this time, she was naked. I only had seconds to see what she looked like when she came out of the water and started walking on it. She was dangerously skinny with no hair. She suddenly stopped and turned to us. My heart… sank; I can’t describe the feeling of dread. My friend started screaming, but for some reason I looked away and closed my eyes. I think I was trying to wake up. It didn’t work so I started running the opposite direction. Now, I’m not a very athletic person in real life, and I’m not very skinny either; so I wasn’t surprised when I wasn’t skinny or athletic in my dream. But I had never ran so fast in. my. life.
I was running down hundreds of streets, trying desperately to find a home with their lights on (because I didn’t trust the ones with their lights off). I didn’t even care if I was breaking and entering at this point, this thing was chasing me and screaming like a banshee; that’s the only way I can describe her screaming, but it was terrifying.
I finally find a back door to some home with their lights on. I stopped for a moment (real me would have kept running, I DON’T KNOW WHY I STOPPED) and I turned around, maybe to see if that thing was still after me. I was right behind me, about 2 ft taller than me, and it had no face, at all. When I looked at its face, though, I was still scared but I felt… weightless, like nothing can hurt me.
I looked down at my hands and they were blowing away like dust in the wind. I looked back up and the thing was gone; but the fear was still there so I ran into the house (after struggling with the door knob).
When I got inside I saw a man. A completely normal man; he looked like a professor the way he was dressed. But when he looked at me, I could see the same fear I felt for the thing. He too started to disappear (except he started disappearing at the head). He ran outside and I could hear more screaming. They got louder and louder until I guess the whole down was disappearing.
I started falling to the floor, since my calves had blown away. But the fall was like in slow motion. I could see out the window and people were running around scared and screaming. That’s when I saw my friend from earlier (the female one). She wasn’t scared or screaming, she just stood in the mass of people running and screaming. A flicker of a smile appeared before I hit the ground and woke up.
When I woke up I swear it felt like I was having a heart attack because my heart was racing so fast.
I’m sorry if this is long or too detailed, I just wanted to get everything in. Please, tell me if this means anything, it really scared me.

Posted 11 months ago

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