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Posted 6 years ago

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Interpretation #1

Honestly, how could it ever be not sweet to dream about cheerleaders?
Alas, I only dream about cyborgs and monsters.

I’m so jealous. 

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Answered By: K-weiss(44 points Slumber Master)
Interpretation #2

It was odd. Do you think it is because I used to be one?

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Answered By: Mellietronx(3 points Novice)
Interpretation #3

Do you mean a cheerleader, or a cyborg/monster?

But seriously, of course it could be a good reason. Can you please give me more details on what you can remember from this dream? I’ll do my best to help. 

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Answered By: K-weiss(44 points Slumber Master)
Interpretation #4 by Anonymous

This is Ben Pettingill, Dream Awareness Coordinator. What a great time to recognize National Dream Awareness Weekend in Indianapolis! John Orton led the etevns for Friday night, he is compelled through understanding in reverence. The Dream Team Assembly set up refreshments and desserts before hosting an Open House and Dream Lecture at our beloved school. Everyone enjoyed Lindy Stafford’s lemon squares and her attention to the details made for a comfortable cafe-like atmosphere. Katrina Parsley opened the evening with a brief introduction of SOM and related the significance of dreams to our real-life aspirations. Katrina is very well spoken, the knower in her gives her great confidence. She introduced me, the evening’s speaker. Dreams, Songs of the Soul was a talk I gave to inspire everyone involved to realize the importance of their dreams. Interpret the symbols in your dreams and apply the learning, then you can more easily share in the blessings of life. The night closed with delightful conversation and socialization amongst friends. The weather on Saturday was perfect for an outdoor fair we called Family Dream Day. The Dream Team Assembly set up the event activities by noon. We welcomed new and familiar faces for the afternoon as we enjoyed a cook-out. The food was prepared by Katrina Parsley, Lindy Stafford and Heather Washburn. Heather is so eager to share her insights on life with her gifted son Noah, who celebrated his birthday with us! Christine Spretnjak focused on speaking to interested prospective students and explaining the many truths SOM classes offer. The children, and even the adults took advantage of our creative activities focused on dreams. Greg Sparrow and John Orton helped me set up the fun booths for Drawing your Dreams and Sculpting your Dreams. From there, the artists were invited to Act Out your Dreams on the mini theater stage erected in front of the picnic tables with their artwork and other pre-fabricated props like a house, a truck and a boat on different terrains like grassy plains, a lake, and even mountains. My heart grew so big when I saw children fall in love with our Family Dream Day.Saturday evening began in a beautiful media room on the campus of Butler University. People literally visited from both ends the country. Christine Spretnjak led the film screening event for The Edge of Dreaming and I was impressed how well she handled all of the electronics. After the viewing, she led a Q&A session on the topic of dreams and the film. She was able to give very helpful advice to a person who often walks in his sleep. We are so lucky to have a director like Christine. With such poise and introspection, she is the ideal candidate for becoming a college student.A small group of us met on Sunday evening to go out into the streets of Broad Ripple. We wanted to share information about the National Dream Hotlineae and the opportunity to get everyone’s dreams interpreted for free until midnight, and whenever they are so inclined. Stan Wenck was among the crew that got the public excited about getting their dreams interpreted. With 77 publications in his lifetime, Dr. Stan Wenck (a retired psychologist) added credibility to the notion that dreams are real messages from the Soul. My dreams the next morning spoke of changing disciplines; it makes me happy to know that my subconscious is responding to all of the learning I receive from the School of Metaphysics. I want to send out a big THANKS to the supporters from the World Headquarters, all of my fellow Indy students and teachers who helped collaborate the vision, to all of my friends that came to support me from outside of the school, and special thanks to my mom, dad, brothers, sister-in-law, and nephew Nolan whom I love very much![Ed. note: It sounds like the theme of “Family Dream Day” extended throughout the weekend for this Dream Awareness Coordinator!] bdpettingill []

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Interpretation #5

Cheers to the cheerleader

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Answered By: vajoseph(26 points Dream Interpreter)

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