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I dream about chocolate at least once a week. Although I have had dreams about food before, my chocolate dreams come more frequently and are more realistic. In the dreams I am eating chocolate like crazy but I don’t get full or sick.

Posted 6 years ago

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Interpretation #1

In general, dreams about food signify nourishment of the mind and body. But the kind of food in the dream can symbolize a wide variety of things. Dreaming of chocolate represents celebration and love. It is also expresses rewards and gratification.
Dreams about chocolate can also be suggestive of excess in your life. It is possible that you need to start practicing restraint in some areas of your character or in what you are doing. This restraint could be needed in your personal life or career. But the fact that you dream it often means that there is something your mind is trying to tell you.
Another possibility is that eating this much chocolate can be a cause for celebration. Eating chocolate in dreams can also mean you embrace your own sexuality. In this case, the indulgence your mind is expressing may not necessarily be bad news for you at all.

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Answered By: Dreamsolver(24 points Dream Interpreter)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

There is an obvious obsession with chocolate and the amount you eat. Maybe you want to eat more chocolate but have underlying concern it will effect your health. Repetitive dreams center around an area around regular life–whether a problem or a desire.
Eat some of your favorite chocolate while you are awake and focus your attention on the emotions and pleasures it brings. Concentrate. Then shift your attention to something else you like or desire and see if you can include it in your next lucid dream. Chocolate may unlock that latch to the next step.

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Interpretation #3

Chocolate, without all the sugar, has many health benefits. Your obsession with eating a lot of chocolate shows your need to improve your health, health issues you may be dealing with. Take the hint from your dream… Eat all the chocolate you can handle but just be sure it is over the 70% cocoa factor!

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Answered By: Aessprenger(3 points Novice)
Interpretation #4 by Anonymous

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Interpretation #5 by Anonymous

eating chocolate can symbolize someone lying to you particularly a lover? like the song by Stevie Nicks,”tell me lies tell me sweet little lies”

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Interpretation #6 by Anonymous

I dreamt about so many of my friends coming over and everyone had brought boxes or packets of chocolate. A lot. What does it mean?

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Interpretation #7

Watching yourself stealing chocolate from a store or a supermarket, and no one caught you on sight, signifies that.
Soon you’ll find find your love which already posses a mate, (stealing of chocolates). And your beloved is also make you to do this, nor that mate would ever keep his nose in the matter. (As nobody caught you)
Watching chocolates may also signifies that something fortune is going to be happen may be related to your health, your love life, or financial affairs. As sweet is a symbol of fulfillness.

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Answered By: Michael007(2 points Novice)
Interpretation #8 by Anonymous

It is stated that dreaming of chocolate in “general” is a good thing. It can represent love, some type of accomplishment (reason to celebrate), peace, relaxation and a few other descriptions. Since you are dreaming of chocolate often, you must consider your daily life (the happenings). Also, do you even like chocolate in real life and is it your “go to” in times of depression/trouble? Yes, some people run to drugs, alcohol, food and others to find comfort. Do you find eating chocolate as a comfort during troubled times or only as an enjoyable snack?

These dreams have to connect to your real life somehow and only YOU can truly answer the interpretation based on being HONEST with yourself on what is going on in your real life. I will say the fact that you are eating it in your dream and you’re not getting full or sick is more than likely a positive thing, however, you are only looking into the “moment” of the dream. Too much of anything isn’t good for us. Really look at your life and see if your life is out of balance anywhere. You may be overfeeding one area in your life and need to back down. In real life, you can’t keep eating too much chocolate and it not have a negative impact on you sooner or later. Keep in mind chocolate relates to SWEET or a TREAT. Too much is unhealthy in the end for anyone. Look at your life and consider if any area is being fed with SWEETS instead of blessed nutrients.

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Interpretation #9

This is not an “interpretation” but rather some scientific logic. Chocolate, derived from the cocoa bean or cacao bean, contains theobromine, and has some mild addictive properties that can lead to cravings. Dreaming of consuming chocolate can stimulate pleasure centers in the brain. We all like to feel good, even when we are asleep.

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Answered By: Healthfan(2 points Novice)

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