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Cobra with ruby jewel eyes

This is a strange dream thats been haunting me since its stayed with me so well. I was alone in my house, the one Im still living in, and it was nighttime. Sitting in my chair I looked down to see a hissing pitch black cobra with eyes made of glowing rubies. It looked malevolent so I backed up into my seat and it followed and bit me several times on my legs and hands. I felt pain in the dream, a shocking stab. I climbed onto the counter but wherever I went it followed, striking me. I grabbed a hammer and smashed its eyes in, the ruby eyes caved from the impact and started to bleed profusely. It did not seem to be able to see any longer and I hit it about the body which killed it. My family, my sister and boyfriend, came out from a back room and started to converse casually with me. I felt terror as I realized I was poisoned and tried to get them to take me to a hospital. They assured me Id be okay and I knew I would die then. I looked down at my limbs to see black rotting flesh and bone, the skin and tissue falling off my body. Ive had several more, at least three, dreams about venomous snakes biting me and no one reacting when I express my fear of dying. It always ends with me looking down at my rotting flesh where Ive been bitten.

Posted 2 years ago

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