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confusing!? Help me figure it out please?

backstory: i dated this guy Alex in 9th grade and i broke up with him because he was always jelous and controling. I dated someone shortly after named bryan but realised i still loved Alex a lot and he was a great guy and broke up with the new guy and begged Alex for another chance to make it right and he accepted. Three weeks later he wants to break up withme and confesses he was dating this girl named Angel since i was with brian. I havent talked to him since. Angel was a girl i was friends with in middle school and was in my main group of “friends” and was the quiet one. She then went to a different high school away from me. Somehow alex and angel found each other and been dating for almost 2 years and going. :(

Dream 1: about 5 months ago i dreamt that I was out in the grass and Angel pulled into the driveway next door. There Was a lot of people there too. She got out of the car to hug me and she seemed happy and we talked and I mentioned Alex.then I went to get ice cream and I bit my tongue and I saw it bleeding then I woke up
Dream 2: (its a bit blurry even though its recent)
I was in line for lunch i think with my gay friend who happens to be alex’s friend and alexis was there too and i felt neverous and i wanked to talk to him but i held back. I remembered how much i loved him and got the guts to talk to him.
Me: ..hey
I look up at him and he was turned away but then looked at me and sighed.
Alex:.. Hi.
I can feel the energy is no longer thick and dense and its relaxed now. I remerber telling him something. I think i apologized but i cant remember. I do know we hugged towards the end and we were in good terms.

Posted 2 years ago

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