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confusion and death o.O

I had this really creepy nightmare: After falling down a Mountain (no idea how I got there) I was kinda in panic but somehow I wanted to show of and post a picture of the mountain, but as I wanted to take a pic, I could only see myself on the display, I was somehow standing in the way. Suddenly there was creepy music in the background. Nest thing I remember is standing in a Room with a bunch of crime books that I wanted to read. Then there was a person in a dark hood who blocked my way and threatened me with a knife. I knew I couln’t escape and just wanted to get over it, so I turned around and closed my eyes. The person stabbed me and I felt it all over my body. Not like real pain but more like a really creepy, uncomfortable feeling. Then I lied on the ground, I was bleeding and felt hurt and vulnerable. There were creepy noises and people talking. I was scared to open my eyes and I just wanted to die so I could wake up (I felt it was just a dream but in the same time I didn’t know it, i dunno how to explain it). I don’t remember what happened then but after that I was afraid to fall asleep again. What could it mean? I have a lot nightmares like that. Anybody who knows what to do against it?

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

To see yourself in so much trouble and being killed means that you are scared of being a prey to problems. You wish to live long and the love you have for life is leading to the fear of losing it. Once you believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason; it is going to turn out to be handy. You need to win over your fear rather than succumb to it. When you manage to win over the fears that you have locked inside you, the roads of life will become a lot more pleasant to walk on.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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