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Coughing up blood

I had a dream I was at this hospital I volunteer at and I think they had asked me to stay there in the nurses area to for awhile before starting or something. So I go to the nurses area and then all the sudden im in a patients room just a regular exam room and Im in a hospital gown not in my scrubs. Then i go out of the room looking for the nurses room and I start coughing up blood on the way there and i finally get there and I girl that I work with at my real work was there sitting down and i told her I was coughing up blood and I felt like I was gonna pass out. She was like alright ill text a nurse and then she started sweeping. And I got up and left cus she didnt seem like she really cared and i knew there was something really wrong so I told a nurse outside and they were like ohhh your fine. So i walked away and I saw an empty patient room and went in and locked the door and started crying. I kept thinking I just wanted my boyfriend to be there cus i know he would care. All the sudden i hear a patient lost code over the intercom and my name but i dont get up, cus i dont feel like being found or cared for anymore. Cus nobody cared about me right. All the sudden i started coughing really hard and i had to get up cus it was getting worse and I start looking around and walking around for what seemed like forever,then a nurse in the radiology dep. caught me and said their you are and took me into an mri room and sat me down and the nurse started doing my blood pressure and I was scared cus I felt like I was gonna die but i heard my dads voice yelling at the nurses saying how do you lose a patient, your just now doing her blood pressure and it made me feel comfortable and then i started coughing hard and blacking out and i woke up coughingim not sick and dont have allergies

Posted 3 years ago

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