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Crush Hugged Me From Behind

The first thing I remember from the dream, is we were in a school setting, and we were all (in the class) heading for the main hall. In my school, there is a path of cobble stairs before a covered walkway , right at the end is the doors leading to the hall.

Out of nowhere, I didn’t notice before (in the dream)but the sky went into a dark sunset. Half black half orange kind of hue, and a pair of people carrying a large prop of some sort (i didn’t see) were tumbling down the stairs like they couldn’t control it. (We were half way down the stairs at this point)

I heard someone call out my name, before I realised that the people with the prop were going to hit me. I ended up ducking, getting into a tight crouched with my hands over my head.

They tripped over me, the supposed prop scraping head lightly and the people carrying it falling down the stairs.

I don’t remember what happened directly after that, but I remember suddenly my crush hugging me from behind while we all (the class) sat on the stairs. He kept alternating where he would hug me. Like around the waist and around my neck.

I know I got slightly embarrassed because everyone in my class at least once, turned and looked at us for a few seconds because of what we’re doing. They did turn around, and during all of this, the prop guys disappeared along with their prop and we were suddenly watching a movie or show of some sort (all I saw was a bright white light coming from the front. I was too occopyed with the attention and stares) I do know I kept thinking that I wanted to unwrap myself from him, even though how warm and cosy I felt sitting there with another person higging me from behind. He remained silent, only occasionally putting his chin to my shoulder and supposedly watching what was ahead. Nothing sexual like kissing on the neck happened.

In real life, we’re like the to be couple that everyone wants to put together. Things like ‘you’ll be with him next year’ and ‘you’re really cute together’ which I obviously take a bit of offense too. I personally don’t see us together, but I have a strange feeling he does…

I’ve always been frightened of our ‘supposed’ relationship, which I hope won’t happen.

Posted 10 months ago

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