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Cuddling with my ex manager

Some back ground: He and I worked together for 2 years trying to save a business that eventually sold out. The owner just didn’t want to make the sacrifice any longer. I LOVED this job. I would sacrifice almost all my time to it. I was very passionate about the small things because it mattered most in this business. He got to keep his job but I was lied to and was let go after only two weeks. Huge betrayal. Not from him but from the new owner. Also there was never anything sexual between us only admiration and respect; very professional.
I’m this dream I had gotten into selling what they sold supermarket style (which in reality would never happen) and found out he was working there as well. We of course were happy to see each other.
I’m selling things, he is making commission and we have conversations about that. Then suddenly the atmosphere changes. We both find ourselves hurrying to work to spend time together.
Some how we end up in these vintage old muscle cars in the parking lot (or warehouse) just cuddling, talking and just genuinely having a nice peaceful stress free time. I have no clue if I still work at this place but I continue to go no matter who is with me or what I’m doing. When it’s time to go back to whatever we hug and see see ya next time. All the while feeling this is so right. It’s never sexual, we never cross any boundaries we shouldn’t besides the cuddle part. (To me even that isn’t right when you are married and we both are) I do not have a cheating heart and I don’t think he does either. As closely as we worked together (phone calls later at night, helping each other pick kids up at school, taking each other’s kids on trips) I think I would have noticed.
While this dream is going on I keep getting woke up from snoring from my husband, but when I go back to sleep the dream just picked up on the next day. It was like I lived an entire life in this dream or at least a good 10 years. It was all in color but they were muted somehow.

Posted 4 months ago

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