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Darkness and Ghost

I was driving a black car in a very dark ramp, with my sister. It was a very dark, very long ramp. There were big windows that took up the walls, but there was no sunlight. It wasn’t night, neither was it day. Well, the car disappeared, and we could both see a green ladder on the other side of the dark ramp, and it lead to a door. An escape door. To escape what? I don’t know. My sister made a run for it, but somehow I couldn’t run. I called out my sister’s name, but she did not answer, and went out through the door. It was darker. Then my male friend appeared way behind me, and apparently he saw me. He was a classmate, not really a friend. He saw me, and then he ran away, leaving me in this darkness. I ran, as fast as I could, to the ladder, but when I tried to climb the ladder, I couldn’t. I looked around. I saw a guy I did not know. I asked him to carry me up, and he did. But as we were climbing, a spirit, or a mist, started to form somewhere infront of me. It was starting to get clearer, I was getting more frightened. But luckily we were out of the door in time before it appeared. I closed the door, and there were people walking in a corridor with peach walls. An old woman came up to me and told me not to go in there anymore. I felt that the ghost had already begun to appear. I woke up.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

The fact that people were running away from you means that you have a hard time in maintaining the relationships. Your sister ran away and so did your friend. So, you should learn the best ways of making the relationship work. The fact that a ghost was coming up and you were scared means that you are scared of failing at the relationship. It also depicts that things are not going to be easy and you have to learn a lot when it comes to holding on to the love people give you. You should not escape from reality, but accept the flaws and live with it.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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