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Dead body and the paranormal

Last night I dreamed that I was with my grandpa at my grandparents house, only it wasnt really there exact house. There was this red chevy truck that kept driving back and forth in front of the house, now for more detail of the setting; in the front of the house there was a railroad rail and then another house that reminds me of my old neighbors house. My grandpa had told me that the ghost that was driving the truck was his dad, who I had never met, and that if I walked in the trucks Shadow I could see the man that was driving this truck. I couldnt see the man. Later in my dream, my grandpa was continually talking to what was said o be his dad who had a request, under the rails was my grandpas fathers sister buried, he wanted us to dig her up and place her in the back of the truck so that we could burry her properly. Luckily for my dream self, there was another person that I couldnt quite see that helped my grandpa dig up this little girl, but she wasnt covered in a trash bag or anything, so they had to put her in the back of the truck with there bare hands. From then on I remember my dream self looking at this girl and she looked like one of those porcelain dolls, she wasnt decaying but I could smell death and decay from her. I remember I felt scared the whole dream, Im not sure if its a nightmare or not but when I woke up, I couldnt barely breathe. Ive never had a dream like this before so it really confused me and I really want to know what it means.

Posted 2 months ago

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