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Dead father crying

I’ve had this dream repeatedly for the past three nights and every time I think about it I can’t stop crying. My dad died about ten years ago, but for whatever reason, in the last week or so he keeps coming to me in my dreams. That wouldn’t be so bad except that in my dream, he’s crying. Not the quiet sort of tears you usually see from men, but a body convulsing, head in hands, weeping session. I don’t know what to do. Please help me because this dream upsets me so much that I’m nervous about falling asleep at night.

Posted 3 years ago

Interpretations (14)

Interpretation #1

A father is a very prominent figure whether we’re sleeping or awake. If your dad is so heartbroken it could be a sign that you feel as if you’ve failed or hurt him in some way. Even if he isn’t around anymore it may be that you believe that you’ve done or said something that you feel would offend his memory. Another answer to your dream is that you’re worried over your own mortality. Often the death of a parent is so surprising because they seem omnipotent. Having a parent die drives home the idea that you too shall one day kick the bucket. Your crying father could be your brain’s way of telling you that you’re frightened of the ending of something. The interpretation of a dream like this can vary depending on how you personally view your father and also what you may be going through during the times that this dream takes place.

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Answered By: Dede Buchert(2 points Novice)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

My dad died prematurely 4 yrs back. I have not been able to accept it becasue I was only 24 when he died. I have had many dreams about him in the past few years; but tonight I had a bizarre dream. I had gone to visit my granny (who incidentally passed away 2 months after my dad) in an old age home with my mother and wife. It was a restricted compund so we had to cross wires and high walls to reach there. Inside, it was beautiful and very peaceful–kind of unreal. there were birds chirping, greeenery, water bodies, blue sky etc. Then we saw three beds in the park which were occupied by three inmates. One of them, from a distance, was granny’s. She waved her hand to call my wife first and asked her how she was. Then she called me. When I came to her and saw her face; I realised it was my dad. He stared at me for a while and then his eyes slowly became full (with  tears). He hugged me and we both broke dwn and started crying uncontrollably. At this juncture my dream broke. What does this signify? 

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Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

its all just saddness, I dream too that my Dad is weeping I feel him both day and night and it just sucks I am so sad that the tears just wont end.Its getting worse with time…God I Miss him soooooooooooo

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Interpretation #4

My father passed away 8 months ago. Not once have I had a dream about him since then. But last night I dreamt that me, my mother(who is still living) and my father were in a bathroom. He is carrying my mom to the bathtub when suddenly while he is putting her in her leg just snaps as if broken. He lets her go but she is actually fine. But my father starts to cry uncontrollably while I tell him that she is ok.
What does this mean?

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Answered By: capri5(3 points Novice)
Interpretation #5

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Answered By: PrincessOfDreams(77 points Slumber Master)
Interpretation #6

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Answered By: PrincessOfDreams(77 points Slumber Master)
Interpretation #7 by Anonymous

the reason u dream about your past away dad crying its because you feel bad, something that u did that he wouldn’t like u to do but u did..

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Interpretation #8

Can you help me i have dream last night about my Father he was died when i was5 olld and now im 22.
 I dream like some of guy calling me and said i have to go now to the house of my Aunt  and i was there im suck coz all my Uncles was there and my Father was bured already there . So i was look at the face of my Father  and i saw him crying while i touch his head… So when i woke up this morning i cry… I want to know what does it means .. I fell so sad now .. Help me please…

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Answered By: maylyn(2 points Novice)
Interpretation #9 by Anonymous

My father died a few months ago. In my dream he was in is coffin and he said that where he was cold and wet. Can anybody explain

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Interpretation #10 by Anonymous

I had a dream of my dad who since passed away over nine yrs ago.In my dream i was going to someone wake when i got there i didn’t know who the person  was who had died.   know one told me who it was.  When i got up to the casket to kneel down it was my dad.I heard this big thump  i turned to see what it was i thought something fell when i turned to look back at my dad he was sitting up in the casket he put his arms around me and huged me and  he was crying. Then i woke up but the dream i had, felt so real to me it was so clear.Can you tell me what this dream can mean.Thanks Mark

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Interpretation #11 by Anonymous

The death of a father it exteremly difficult at any age and no matter how much time goes bythinking of the loss will always be painful. When you lost your father you may have had feelings of helplessness, that you could not stop his death or help him which seems to still be with you.  Seeing your father cry and not having the ability to comfort him in your dream is most likely bringing back the frustration and upset of feeling helpless in stoping or comforting him at his time of need. Remember that he is at peace and you can not control Your fathers destiny. Its hard to be at peace when you know a loved one is hurting. Set your fathers soul free and understand that no matter what you did or didn’t do the outcome would be the same and your father loved you. Focus on visualizing him happy during the day and think of things that made him smile, it will bring you into a better place and let your father know that eventhough you miss him you are ok.
Take care,

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Interpretation #12 by Anonymous

dreaming of a dead loved one crying is always sad. if you dream your dead father upset or crying that means you are involved in something that he greatly disagrees. according to the christian explanations of deams, the dead who loves you sees your actions step by steps. they are happy if you are pursuing something right & they are unhappy if you are falling in a trap. its highly possible that it can be your mother or a sibling or a friend who you have been very close to having the dreams of your dead father crying or upset due to your actions. a father always has a protective nature towards their kids, specially daughters, whether he is dead or alive. they dead only cries when they see something going wrong or an unjustice happening to their loved one but they cant do anything to stop. thats when they appear in our dreams trying to warn us of upcoming dangers. i asked my church leader & he gave me this explanation. hope this help. god bless.  

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Interpretation #13 by Anonymous

I had a dream about dead mom who died 4 months ago and in my dream her and my dad were planning to get divorced and she was unhappy

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Interpretation #14 by Anonymous

Sorry for posting this after almost 2 yrs, but its never too late since u may have this dream again. What i think ur father is trying to tell you is that he is not too happy where he is and needs your help. Have mass said for him at church in his name and make sure u attend, do this until you see him again in in a happy or bright place in your dream. The souls of our loved one count on us the living to pray for them, this is important if ur father didnt have a priest  with him before his death or if he wasnt a believer. Whether he is a christian or not at this point doesnt matter at this point, its too late to convert him, but its not to late to save him. EVERY BODY IS A CHILD OF GOD, he will pardon him but u have to what i told u,masses and prayers will help him. You will see him again afterwards, smilling at you.

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