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Deceased dad asking me to give him onion

My dad passed away 1 and half years back,couldn\’t meet him at the time of demise as I was in a different country that time. I have a hard and almost broken and abusive marriage. My husband tries to bring out all my faults at the drop of a hat. I talked to my very aged mom about divorce, my mother didn\’t support me as my elder sister herself is at the brink of divorce and we belong to a very conservative Hindu society, divorce is rare and a taboo especially for women, women are shamed and not men, my old fashioned mom is worried about both me and my sister returning home after divorce. So,I keep tolerating my husband and his family\’s verbal abuses for a long time. I even thought of dying at one point and then back out as I didn\’t want my young son to suffer the trauma because of me. I never will leave my son making him feel that I didn\’t love him by leaving him behind just like that. I want him to grow into a caring human unlike his dad. Speaking of my deceased dad, I was dreaming in my dream, almost felt suffocated and in my dream, I saw black dots swimming infront of my eyes and two long skeleon fingers crossed infront of my nose when my eyes were still shut, and I prayed out inside me praying to the GOD I believe. Then suddenly, everything eases, I was awakened in my dreams by my cousin, she said my father had come to visit me. The house was gloomy as if my mother has passed away recently (my mom is still alive), then I went to the dining room, my dad was there wearing a black sweater and white collar shirt, looking much younger. In my dream, I never felt like he had passed away, and I asked whether he will have food(rice), he said give me a whole onion, I don\’t remember giving it to directly, I was holding a whole onion and then he was holding it, and he was angry(not with me) and he said that I am not alone, he is always there for me, always, he will never leave me( in that dream I felt like he was talking about my mother who passed away in the dream, and felt like he was talking on that context). Then I suddenly wake up from my dream. I have seen my deceased dad a few more times earlier in my dreams, but this was the first time he spoke to me loud and clear.

Posted 2 years ago

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