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Deceased Father Visits My Dream

I had a dream I was at home and couldnt find anyone, and then I found my father sitting at our dining room table. My father has been deceased for a few years now and I havent dreamt about him since the night he past and told me he came to say goodbye and that he loved me. So it striked me that it was rather odd to be seeing him in my dream. I remember him telling me that there is money hidden in the house somewhere but he said he dont remember where he hid it. As I was starting to look for the hidden money my house started changing throughout the dream. The house started to look unfamiliar with wooden floor boards instead of tile, different furniture, over all a different house that I couldnt recognize. I soon began looking behind picture frames that were hung up to see if there were any safes or anything attached to the back, looking in drawers and finding a loose board that could come up and there was extra space but nothing. I then remember looking in books and finding some that were hollowed out. My dream started getting blurry from this point on but then I remember looking at my dad and he told me to keep looking as I was flipping open another hollowed out book. Then I dont remember the rest from then until I woke up. I feel that the dream has something to do with ever since his passing my family has been going through tough times especially with money. But then again I dont know, my dream was really vivid and I feel like I should start looking around the house, but I dont know because it was just a dream. Please help me figure out what this means.

Posted 2 years ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

this could be because your dad wanted you to know something important

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Interpretation #2

A house sometimes represents your self. Your father (inner father) might be advising you that changes in your life (positive) will yield benefit (money=energy). So I would advises you to be open to positive opportunities as they arise.

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Answered By: antaeaventura(16 points Dream Interpreter)

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