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Deceased mother

I had a dream I was at my deceased mothers funeral (who died from cancer). Except when my mother’s funeral was held in real life, I was only 2 years old. I have absolutely no memory of her funeral or her what so ever. In the dream, at her funeral I was not 2 years old, but i was the age I am now and I looked as I do now. I have three older brothers but only one of them was there, my aunt who took care of me (who i call and see as my mom since she raised me since i was born), and my cousin. The important people who I should’ve seen there, I didn’t. (There were lots of people there but my dream didn’t show me their faces as they were not important I guess.) Anyway, my mom was dressed up horribly to me. She had on an ugly outfit, and half of her hair was still in rollers (the hairstyle reminded me of my friend who always has rollers on one side of her head recently). It felt as if she just died a hour ago and they hurried up and got her into a funeral. My cousin was trying to motivate to say a speech but not one about my mother, almost like a speech you would say at a program. (This reminded me of how this same cousin wanted me to say a speech for Easter in real life which was some years ago.) I kept blowing her off in the dream and she finally walked off but she wasn’t mad. In the dream all my mind was on was it about to be time to walk to see the body. I was the only one crying at the funeral, i was crying really hard too, i could not stop. As it was time to go see the boy it was almost as if me and my brother teleported to our house. But in the dream they made it seem like it was our old house (but we still live in this house till today and it is in good condition) and that it was deteriorated and not livable in anymore. (There were no walls. Also the house looked nothing like our real house at all but it was in the same location if that makes sense) Furniture was still there and my brother was giving his friend a tour of the house showing him where everything was and I was just tagging along. It came to a point where my brother was showing the friend “his room”. (But keep in mind I have two other brothers as well they, just weren’t in the dream. In real life my brother never had his own room, he always shared one with them). In the dream it felt as if my other two brothers never existed. The dream then went back to the funeral and we were finally about to go view the body, before my aunt in real life (who i call my mom) woke me up then the dream was over. I have no idea what this dream meant please help.

Posted 1 year ago

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