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Decreased, car accident, white circle, falling

I just woke from an odd dream. At first, I was in a familiar yet unfamiliar house filled with people I did and didn\’t know. The most recognized person was my stepmothers mother. She passed almost a year ago. Anyway, in this part of the dream I was in this house where everyone was socializing at what seemed to be a family / friend party. I didn\’t really speak to the deceased in my dream. I just saw her. She was socializing not won\’t me. The next thing I remember she was in front of me and was smoking. She never smoked. That lasted a few seconds and then I was driving. It was dark. My windows fogged up I couldn\’t see the road. I didn\’t have the headlights on. In this confusion I was very tired in my dream. I look to my left and there\’s this white circle slightly bigger than a paper plate sitting on my passenger side dash. I get instantly annoyed and snatched it to remove it. I finally get my lights on then My car drove onto the side of the road. My car flips. In the dream, I am feeling this as it is happening. I feel myself spiraling. It is dark. I\’m mentally preparing myself for impact. Then I feel my body exit the vehicle through the door window. I haven\’t impacted anything. Then I realize, oh my God, I\’ve been ejected out of the car and I am falling a long distance. I am now realizing this will hurt. As I\’m processing what is happening I\’m realizing this fall is too long. That I will die once I hit. I\’m waiting to hit the bottom. But then it\’s like my real self was like, nope! This is a dream! I pulled myself out of this dream and when waking I was calling my boyfriends name. So odd.

Posted 10 months ago

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