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Deliberate Plane Crash

Standing in an open doorway an talking about some end of time doom with whom I do not recall, but the inference was that this approaching plane might be involved at that precise moment this very large silver and red plane stopped in mid air and pointed it’s tail downward and It exploded a very thin super bright light emanated from the middle of the plane, I closed my eyes as I did not want the flash to blind me, I have know idea why I thought it would, at this point pandemonium erupted and “we” again no clue who we referred to, anyway “we” began racing to leave the area/city/??¿¿ but racing to leave of that I was sure of. Saw many people standing upside walls dressed in middle eastern garb with weapons, they were being interrogated however I sensed that they were completely innocent in any part of whatever was taking place, on their faces I saw a look of fear as was the look on everyone’s face, there seem to be a lot of activity in the sky planes flying and what not however I never looked up again to verify this at this point I woke up. First of all I have never remembered a dream in such detail before!

Posted 1 year ago

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