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Died of lava and became a ghost to guide my parents

In the beggining around four mouths of a man appeared at a closet door in my house. They told me many things, that I could not understand, but the vibe of it was: it is time. When that happened I saw flashes in my mind of many volcanos errupting all around the world, and some sort of deities hovering down from the skies and trying to alter the shape of the volcanos’ mouths, either in order to aim to kill some cities or to prevent huge destruction. When the flashes ended, I saw large masses of lava, burning the back of the house, coming from mine and my brother’s room. My brother was in his room, and I was trying to open the main door and run out. I was crying for my brother and my life, as the main door was stuck and would not open. Before my death, as my flesh was burning, I went to that closet again, and the mouths chanted something. I opened my eyes and realised that I had died and became a ghost, my body buried under solidified lava. The lava did not exit the house; we were the last house it burned. From outside I heard my parent’s voices. They must have come from their trip! I passed through the walls and waited at the main door. As they came near to enter I told them not to enter, ’cause there is still some un-dried lava in there. I told them who I was and that I died. My mother was scared and my father dead-silent. I let them enter when the rest of the lava had dried and it was safe. They inspected the house, and went to the kitchen, completelly forgetting about me. I called them out and they listened. They questioned if I was really a ghost or playing a prank at them. I hovered near them, I knew they could not see me, so I lovingly grabbed my mother’s arm, as I did when I wanted a hug. My mother began to cry and so did I, as we were hugging. Then I moved with my mother, closer to my father and did a group hug. Then my brother somehow, managed to get ut of his room, I thought he was buried in. I don’t think he was a ghost, ’cause my parents could see him. From outside the window, I could see a huge flood. That is when I woke up.

Posted 2 months ago

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