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Dishonest Spy

My house and my basement were seperate in the dream, my basement was some sort of “Spy Home” and so I thought it was cool, so I wanted to join, the lady was maybe in her 40s wearing bright red lipstick (not too bright) with a blonde Marilyn Monroe hair cut. The Spy community were acting nice to me before I joined, and after I did, they became meaner, an asian girl with glasses came up to me and whispered: “Once you get in, you cant get out.” and she clearly wanted to get out. So, they told me they wouldnt bug me that day, so I went home, everything and room was placed differently and it was shady inside, yet my basement had a luxurious country club “coco” look. My house was situated in the corner of the street, so I basically lived in two streets, in the corner there was a stop sign too. So my friend, he is a boy, was in my dream, and we were kind of sharing the house but it was mostly mine, no discussion made. He asked me if I wanted to sleepover, I said sure! I was pretty happy since the Spies werent very nice to me. Then suddenly, while Im on the computer, or watching TV, not so sure.. Ive gotten a text by the two Russian/Estonian Spies, which were like the “teachers pet”. They didnt give me an address so I ignored it. As punishment they came by and poured some burning liquid in me and my friends ear, burning like swallowing nail polish remover, she said “this liquid elevates the chances of getting cancer” I was shocked because my friend had cancer last year, except in my dream he had both of his legs. The spies dragged me, and the guy gave me an “injection” twice to make sure Id fall asleep, but I was stronger than it. At some point I just let myself go, but I was kind of awake the whole time even though it didnt look like it, it felt stupid, everything was like slow-motion.

Posted 2 years ago

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