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dog ready to bite

It was night time and I was arguing or worried about someone . I was stepping into a room when I realized that a dog was hiding behind next to a huge leftside ribcage. He was deffensive as if he was worried that I would take his food away. He came barking towards me. He was white with black sports and about 20lbs. Small dog but when he was barking I noticed his huge white big sharp teeth. And although I was concerned I wasn’t afraid. I bent down as he ran to me seeming to bite, I placed right before him, a huge thick piece of tender porterhouse steak. The dog just digged in

Posted 5 years ago

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Interpretation #1


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Answered By: ashwin(35 points Slumber Master)
Interpretation #2

A dog in a dream represents a new friend. The fact that this dog was white with black spots, means that the friend in the dream is biracial. When the dog was ready to attack you, it means that the friend used to be an enemy. You put a piece steak in front of it, and it dig in. This means that you can turn enemies into friends by giving them help, physical things, or taking the time to be kind. You can turn evil forces to good with kindness.

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Answered By: fatefate( points Novice)
Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

Dogs represent our friendships and loyalities, only if the dog was a puppy would it suggest a new friend.  Being white with black spots tells you it is someone in your life and is for the most part a good person, but does have some ignorant behaviors about them sometimes.  Black spots representing stupids or mean behavior.  The person is either small in statue or just small minded represented by the 20lbs but with big teeth, shows this person can turn on you and be nasty.  At some point you recognize this person is someone you must be cautious with and pretend to be nice (offer steak) so the person will leave you alone.
Since this dream was posted several months ago, by now you’ve probably already had this interaction with this person and hopefully have excluded them from your life until they grow up.

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