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Dream about an ex best friend?

I keep having these dreams about my ex best friend in highschool. They occur every once in a while, but what happens in the dream, for the most part, remains the same. It begins with my ex friend (we’ll call her Nina) approaching me in a cheerful happy way, like she’s super ecstatic to see me. I then ask her why she’s even talking to me and she’ll either reply “because we’re friends!” or just ignore my question and invite me over to hang out. Nina and I will then do some of the things we used to do in highschool like draw manga, cosplay, talk about anime, take a walk in the park ,or eat snacks. After a while of hanging out she’d look at me sadly and just leave with her other friend, which ends in me crying or yelling angrily at them. I’d then sit down alone watching them walk away laughing while they’d occasionally glance back at me. Then I’d wake up.

I’m not really sure what this means, but i would love an explanation.

Posted 1 year ago

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