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Dream about magical death comes back.

So back in 2014, in my dream I went with my moms dead friend’s grandma to help her with her work. She works in this little shack beside a busy road. She has her granddaughter there (she’s my age in dream 13, and I’m a boy), which she leaves and I don’t see her again. I work with her grandma, and when I’m done, I go outside and see under the porch steps, there are a lot of plants and then way in the back, a hole. I go in the hole and I don’t remember much, but I reveal the secret on how the mother died(which people say no one knows, and it turns out to be a big deal and magical). Woke up and I don’t even know the secret now. 2015 now, I had a dream last night that started with me running along the road the shack is on, and 2 guys on other side, with a girl way ahead of them running as well(when I say running I mean exercising). So I notice the guys are tripping each other playing around so I run over there and start playing too. Then we run to trip the girl and we trip each other all falling, he pulls out a bottle rocket out of his backpack, opens it, and we were about to start running over to a field nearby, but before we could, a cop stopped us. He took us and threw us in this sand crater where people with dirt bikes where circling us, and shooting us, so then I don’t remember how, but I ended up with one of the guys on the side of the street. We walk over to the shack and we see the daughter, we go over and the guy I’m with is all in love with her, so we become friends and then we want to do something. I ask, why not go in the hole under the porch? She give me a look, and says, “no one is going in that hole.” (like she knew what was is it.) So then after sitting there watching them talk for a second, I said, “I know a secret only one knows.” She stands up and then the dream goes really weird and goes to almost another dream that has nothing to do with anything. I hope I have another soon, because this story is fun as hell for me.—-thanks for getting this far if you did!

Posted 2 years ago

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