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dream about my ex leaving me

This dream I had was incredibly vivid. Me and my ex were hanging out in my new apartment sitting on the couch watching TV like we used to do. I believe i went into the other room for a moment and when I came back he was gathering all of his things like he\’s getting ready to leave. He had that energy he gets whenever he\’s upset about something and he\’s just an impenetrable \’brick wall.\’ I remember myself saying \’Luis why don\’t you say goodbye to me?\’ He wouldnt look at me. He looks withdrawn. He opens the door and there\’s a girl outside sitting in a car waiting to pick him up. I don\’t know who she is. I\’ve never seen her before. I keep asking Luis why he won\’t say goodbye to me. I get more and more desperate and soon I\’m sobbing and Im running over to the car to ask the other girl. I\’m sure i look hysterical by now and both parties are giving me the silent treatment. I\’m wondering who the hell this other woman is and I\’m asking myself is this his new romantic interest? The other woman brushed me off but i can\’t remember what she said. Then they\’re both driving away, leaving me there alone. Then i woke up immediately after. I found out not long after that he immediately started seeing this girl after our breakup. He more than likely was seeing her during. She was one of his online friends who he started meeting with in person but i didn\’t know about it until later. This girl I knew was into him and incited the breakup and I just feel that the girl in the driver\’s seat must symbolize her taking my man away and somehow my subconscious knew that.

Posted 2 hours ago

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