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Dream about my father getting injured

so this was an extremely vivid dream but my father getting injured was only one part but it was probably the most troubling part. the dream started out that my dad and i were on a boat and i was very little again (being that i am 20 now and i was probably 6 or 7 in the dream). now the boat is kinda important because it was a boat but it was like a huge boat, i’m talking like the size of noah’s ark probably, and it was like it’s own city, with like huge buildings and roads. anyway so someone took control of the boat and kept flipping it, longways (which by all means should be impossible to do by flipping a switch like he was but it’s a dream what can we do right?). so he would hit the switch and it would capsize, turn up side down, then he would flip the switch the other way and the boat would turn right side up. so my dad was with me and we would hold onto the horses of the merry-go-round to not fall off the boat. it flipped about four times before the person stopped hitting the switch. we went down the street the the front of the boat city. i had in my hand the car keys to a dodge minivan (and i know this because it’s the car i currently own and its not like a metal key its a key fob made of plastic). apparently we were trying to find the car so we could leave. and so something fell off a building that got damaged while the boat was being flipped. it hit the concrete which broke and a large piece of concrete hit my dad in the chest and i heard his ribs cracking. he told me to call 911 and the car keys were simultaneously a key fob and a phone. i tried to explain where is was and my dad was supplying street numbers (it was 53rd and 80th) i remember very vividly a sigh for a Chinese restaurant that i was telling the dispatcher about. i don’t remember the name now but the sign was white with green designs. then i woke up to my alarm. this was an extremely vivid dream in which my dad got hurt in such a strange way. like usually dreams dont bother me, even ones in which people i know get hurt, but i woke up sweating and my heart was pounding. maybe this means nothing but it was honestly so incredibly vivid that i thought it was worth it to ask.

Posted 7 months ago

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