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Dream Demon

I didn’t even know them.
They were out trace of shadows with human form, with a voice, or tone I never heard before.
She called me by my name…
SHe said we are friends.
This wave of aura saying we are and the quiet boy..
Sam(Energetic Annoying girl..?) and Kenny (Quiet; 3rd wheel)…
That’s their name telepathically in mind, as I was with them.
She wanted to show me something…
She forcefully grabbed me out the room we were in…
Thats where the scenery changed elegantly Buckingham palace halls, or mansion, with no portraits hanging from the walls, but there were marble pillar columns.
I look back at the door, it disappeared from afar i my sight.
We got to our destination facing a large tall wooden door with gold knob, Sam took out a gold key and unlocked it.
We all enter in, then all things changed, when she locked us all in with her.
Her voice morphed out demonically deep, tone, she called me, human..
She wanted me to play a simple game of cards, with snap of her shadowed fingers.
I found myself sitting in a chair, in front of Kenny across antiquite game table.
The begin of the game, I began to faze out and to wake up by her tone, again.
She stands up from her seat and begins struts behind me. I struggles to move from my seat, her strong hand draped at my throat. My eyes widened in surprise and dilitated at the knife closing in near my face. I was about to scream, “No one can hear you scream..” She whispers.
“But I can.~” She joyfully with a sweet, disgusting tone, then I closed my mouth shut.
Her thin silver blade of her dagger stabbing into my eyes. My mouth gaping from the pain stinging and sticky blood spilling down my cheeks and face.
“Didn’t you see, pitiful fool.” Her finger lifting up to my damaged, bleeding eyes, as I blindly see nothing.
“You’re too blind to see around you, pitful fool.”
I woke up crying….

Posted 2 years ago

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