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dream loop

lately, i have dificalty to wake up, i stuck in some dream, nightmare loop, i wake up again and again in my dream untill i finelly succeding to wake up for reall. this expirience is scares me away, it feels like hell.
today for example, i started feeling like someone walking on my bed next to me, i could feel the pit this presense doing while walking, and even to hear the steps, after few minutes i heard next to my ear like someone cliking into my ear. this is scared me to death, and i tried to scream, i felt in the first moment that my body was numb, i tried hardly to scream to my mom, and as i finally succed to scream for her, i discovered that i screaming her in the dream and not really moving my lips, and this confition contains, untill i finelly succed to wake up.
another example, last night i felt that me and my bed entering in some tornado, and then i screamed my mom, and i woke up and did the reality check, trying to move my finger threw my hand and it was normal, but then i realized that i’m still in a dream, and tried to call my mother again, and this loop reapeaded few times untill i finelly woke up.
few nights ago, i was sleeping till the early afternoon, i felt very sleepy, in my dream i felt a presence in my room, like a gost, and this is very scared me so i tried to woke up, i woke up started doing my daily activities, and i felt still the presence as i realize i didn’t woke up, then i tried to woke up again, and i was stuck in this loop for few good moments, that felt like for ever. then when i trully woke up, i was too sleepy and fell a sleep again, and then i was stuck again in the dream with the feeling of a ghost in my room, but in this dream i also remember someone scared me with a cartoon ghost that scared me away, and then i tried to woke up, as i suck in this loop.
ps. english isn’t my first languge, hope i was clear enoght.

Posted 2 years ago

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