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Dream Of My Deceased Uncle

Ok I am only 12 years old so hopefully I don’t do to bad. Anyways i am going to tell you the story when he was living to how he died and it will lead us to the dream, (I will use uncle (A) and uncle (R) Anyways about 2 years ago my uncle (R) that had a travelling job came from Germany to (Alabama where I live) to visit the fam. Anyways he is like the only rich person in the fam. And I think It was a Friday night they started drinking at his house. I don’t think they wore that drunk but It was like a lot of people over there almost like a party. And then my aunts friend let my uncle use her car when he asked for the keys she gave them to him. (11:00PM) And then I saw my uncle drive off in the car, I later then went home and went to sleep In the morning I was on my computer listening to music. I never thought I would come to the door to my uncle (R) almost crying about to tell my mom that my Uncle (A) was going to Jacksonville (Another town) and on the highway he skidded off the road and wrecked. Everyone was crying and then a lot of the fam came to my house and was sitting on the porch and everywhere. It seemed like a dream. I didn’t cry though I am very weird cause after my grandma died (in the hospital ICU) that was prob the first time I cried when someone died. Now I feel that I can’t ever cry again when someone dies not unless I tried to. But it actually hurts even more for me I want to cry but for some reason I just cant. Anyways he got cremated and his ashes have been inside my house every since. We wore going to get them thrown out in the ocean but my mom said we have to go on a boat trip because they will wash back up to shore if we throw them out at a wave. But yeah. And then one night I had this dream that I was with one of my uncles. Lets just call him David. (Things are about to get weird) So My uncle David and I are riding in his Mustang and we are going down a highway we stop at this weird store that looks like it is made out of bamboo. And we go inside out of no where I see my deceased uncle (uncontrollably I walk up to him in my dream) and I say are you bout to rob them? *seems like I was smiling. He says *yeah watch this. I watch and he has this gun in his hand and he robs them and I suddenly realize in my dream that he was actually dead so I go up to my uncle david. And I say *HE IS DEAD!!! HE IS DEAD! OMG HOW IS HE ROBBING THIS!!! and my uncle David just paused and never said anything as if he was froze I am fucking freaked out. I just wonder what this means. Why would my deceased uncle rob a store in my dream. Why did my other uncle pause when I asked that. Btw I was scared asf when my uncle froze i thought I was going to die

Posted 2 years ago

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