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dream that i am going to marry my boyfriend

I dream that I am getting marry to my bf. I was in a wedding dress in the bathroom of our house and everyone was there helping me get ready. My Sis in law was there helping me with my hair. My bf arrives and was coming into the bathroom to see me and everyone was like no you cant see the bride before the wedding. At that time I was super anxious to see him too. But in my dream I cant see his face because sis in law have me facing the direction away from him so I still dont know what he looks like. At that time my parents were there and they were talking happily to our relatives and people were asking how long my bf and I met already and I was about to say 2 months ago but my parents were like 2 or 3 years ago. After that sis in law finished with my hair and I looked and it was pretty and horrible at the same time. Everything was beautiful except for a small bun at the front of my head and I tried to remove that and fix it but it still look horrible so I ripped out that part of my hair. It doesnt hurt. I was in my room after that and at that time someone next to me was commenting on my body and the ugliness of it and I look down and the dress I thought look pretty on me before actually dont look that nice anymore. At that moment my bf enters the room and there was just the two of us. He hugs me and I kissed him on the cheeks and am so happy and there is that realization that even if I dont look as pretty as other girls he still choose me to be with him. I woke up after this.

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

This dream is reaffirming the belief that you have chosen the right guy. The fact that you saw that you were still pretty in the eyes of your boyfriend regardless of what others had to say infers that he truly loves you. The dream is hinting that you have found your perfect match and you can take the relationship forward. You both are likely to make an extremely good couple and the bond of love that joins the two of you is extremely strong. The dream is also asking you not to pay heed to what the world has to say.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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