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Dreaming about my ex boyfriend of 8 years ago every month or so…

Hi everybody. I’ve been struggling with having dreams about my EX of 8 years ago every month or so for a long long time already. I was 18 back then, he was 20. We had wonderful relationships tho, with no arguing, was almost too perfect to be true. He spoiled me a lot, he bought me flowers and teddy bears for no reason all the time, he sent me million texts a day, was worried if I was dressed warm when it was too cold outside, was talking about having a baby, he did have a great job,was self employed at the moment, already had his own housing on the way, we were fixing it up together becuz he wanted us to live there together the moment it would be finished. I met his family, very nice ppl and all that stuff. Our relationships had only lasted for about 8 months, and he was the one to end them with no explanation whatsoever. He sent me a msg on my cell calling me his ” precious little bunny” and saying that he feels like its better to end our relationships. He didn’t pick up the phone after that when I called him. I haven’t seen him for about 2 years after that moment. First time I saw him after the break up was after I came back from the USA where I went to work and study for the period of 4 months. He did checked out my page in social network (I knew cuz I could see guests of my page) and after I came back home (I’m originally from Europe) I happened to see him at the supermarket. He was the one to approach me and started asking how I was doing and all that. We’ve talked for about 10 mins about what his life was like and mine but nothing was said or mentioned about our break up or any reasons behind it. So we said “goodbyes” and we knew we were gonna see each other prolly in the near future cuz we did live in the same town at that moment. But back when I was in the USA I met a guy, a very nice and lovely guy who really cared about me and who I fell in love with for the 1st time after the break up. I just wanted to mention that I’ve never dated or seen anyone for about 2 years after the break up cuz I still was really truly in love with my EX, and the guy I met in the US completely changed that. I felt like I was loved and cherished and important to somebody again. So we kept in touch with that guy I met and after a year of long distance relationship I made my decision to move to the US. It will be 6 years since we are together now and do have plans to get married in the near future. I haven’t seen my EX since that last time I saw him at the supermarket, so its about almost 5 years now. I did see his pictures in social media cuz we do have friends in common left. I know he is married and has a beautiful child of about 2 years old now. I rarely think about him, but he’s been coming up in my dreams all the time for the past 8 years(every month or so). Dreams are usually vivid and beautiful where he holds my hand, nothing intimate besides kissing and hugging and just being with each other. It does happen that I see another girl next to him in my dreams, but he is still attracted to me even when there is another girl in the dream. We do not keep in touch with him at all, and I truly love my fiance and grateful for the relationships I have with him, but these dreams start to really bother me now. I do feel that its not fair to my fiance that I have these dreams on constant basis, but there’s nothing I can do since I do not control what I dream about( I would really love for these dreams to stop. I might still have some feelings left for that guy cuz I truly loved him back then, but I do love love my fiance, and it bothers me a lot now that my EX is still always there in my dreams. I’ve read that it means that there r usually some unsolved problems and that its better to contact ur EX and talk to him, which I tried to do about a year ago, but he never responded to my msg on social network, so there’s nothing I truly can do( What I would like is just some kind of explanation why I keep having these dreams and what this could mean. I honestly would like to live my life happily and peacefully without seeing him in my dreams all the time. Plz help(

Posted 3 years ago

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