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Dreaming about the man that i have a so called relationship in 2.5 yrs

Jan 4, 2014 (Sat) at 0345
Real life: I recently thought about my relationship with ex boyfriends. F is not my boyfriend but I dreamt of him. I like him and have sex with him but we will never cross the line as “friend” as he is in other country. That night was the same. I was thinking of them without any emotions. Received messages from Michael. I didn’t go out with him in Nov when he was staying in my hometown. He was messaging me, email me and calling me at that time. I was hesitated. I chose not to see him. Then his message came that night. It’s a simple greetings and I wondered, “What’s the point he keep on communicating with me?” I made it very clear that I don’t hate him or angry with him, but I don’t like to drag on our relationship as he is married: I like to break from my pattern for falling to unavailable men.
Have 2 big dinners with my mediation friends and I have an overloaded stomach.

First scene
I sent a message to F in other country and asked causally about his plan in Xmas. He didn’t reply. On Xmas eve he showed up in front of my place and I was home after work. He asked me to go to a place with him. I asked where. He said Italy. Then we flee to Bognia, Italy and it was no snow during Xmas. We stayed in a hotel and we made love.
Then I went outside and walked around. I returned to hotel and he shaved all his hair and had a fatter face and he looked differently. The pillow cover was bloody and he told me because of the shave. He was unbuttoned on top. The blood seems like the small wounds from the shave. He expected me to come back and hold me into sleep. I told him that I was in a hurry to fly here and I forgot to bring my passport. It’s 24th of Dec and we will stay for a few days then return to Hong Kong and go back to work. He said, “You will be in trouble without your passport.” I wondered, “If they didn’t look at my passport when I was flying in, then it shouldn’t be a problem when I fly out.” It a very casual and playful scene.
Final scene
I was in someone’s home. May, Alice/ Maria and I was here. There was a feast and plenty of food was served on the table. We have so many foods left. We didn’t like to waste, so we causally divided the food. I said, “I take this dish and I will finish it.” I asked, “Sister, you like to finish this dish of “Chilli”?” It’s cold preserved veggie in vinegar and mixed with green salad. She said yes then she took the dish. May was eating a platter with cold cut and veggie. I had finished a dish of veggie in dark color with stuffed meat inside. Maria said, “Let’s finish all the food? Or shall we keep it for hotpot later on?” The atmosphere was good and the food was most veggie and salad. No hot dishes were served though.

Posted 3 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

The dream is very detailed and elaborate and shows the different path through which life will take you. What the dream truly means that things do not always work according to your plan. There are going to be problems and some thing will not be like the way you want them to. However, what you need to do is analyze the different options and then choose the decision that you should take. If you are thinking about getting back with F, you need to give it a deep thought as do not let your messed up head make the final call without careful thoughts.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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