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Dreaming of being pregnant

Last night I had a dream I was driving to a mall in a black mustang. Why the mall makes no sense to me, because when I got into the mall I went into the grocery store there to pick up some milk. I remember when I went into the mall it was very open/spacious & I could see the second level & noticed a coach from school there. In this dream I was wearing a black sweater & when I looked at my stomach I was very big pregnant & could feel the baby moving. I got back into my car & drove down the road a way & got onto a bus & I seemed to know all the passengers. Right after I got onto the bus I had the baby. It was an easy birth, no problems & the next thing I knew I was holding my baby wrapped in a blanket & this baby boy had the brightest see threw blue gray eyes I’ve ever seen with black hair. I must have dosed off on the bus because when I woke up my baby wasn’t with me, so I started searching, to find my baby laying next to a friend. So I picked my baby up & went back to my seat, started bottle feeding it, then I woke up. Me being pregnant has been recurring, but I’ve had a hysterectomy 4 years ago

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1

Dreaming of being pregnant and giving birth reflects the birth of new ideas. It means that you are now ready to embrace change, explore new opportunities and that you are nurturing something new that will bring change in your life emotionally, financially and socially. It also symbolizes growth and development. It means that you are now ready to talk about certain ideas or act on an idea that you have always had in mind. The dream also reflects significant changes in your life. Maybe you are setting new goals and are ready to achieve them whether the road to success is smooth or rough. It can also mean that you desire to have a child.

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Answered By: mukuljain(674 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

a month ago i was 50% sure i was pregnant me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex so we decided tot take a test a week and half later. it can back negative but when i thought i was pregnant i had all the symptoms. then i recieved my period it lasted for 2 days and was very light. no that i look back to think that maybe i could maybe i maybe still pregnant. im not having any symptoms and my period hasnt came yet. then last night i have a dream about being pregnant 7 holding a pregnancy test.  

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