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Dreaming of dead loved ones

In the past couple of weeks been having some dreams that are disturbing to me. The first was of my mother in a hospital bed. She was talking to me and hugging me and smiling so beautifully, i was surprised in the dream because my mother suffered 4 stokes back to back taking her speach and paralyzing her right side, not to mention my mother passed away. But i looked at my momma and said momma! I can understand you!! Its like you never had the strokes! Then i said but momma, you’re gone, she just started smiling this beautiful smile and everyone around acted like they didnt know anything. I took care of my momma all but the last 10 days of her life. She wanted to pass and the family wanted to tube feed her, so momma and i said our beautiful goodbyes and i went back home to Georgia, momma passed away in maryland. But in the dream i kept asking everyone how did momma come back to life? Yall told me she died… i started looking for my husband then i thought the room she was in was my husbands hospital room from his quadruple bypass… looked again i said no 423 no its not. My husband had a quadruple bypass in February after my momma passed…. But no one would answer me on how momma was alive, i was crying no one would answer me!!!
Then the other night i dreamt of the house i grew up in but i was living there with my husband… (it had the same layout and house number 217 as a home my husband and i were buying years ago til we lost it when my husband had a geart attack) but in this dream i was holding a dog we had put to sleep when she was 14, her name was Goldie. I went into the house put her down my sister was there. There was a guy there i have no clue who he was, i was crying so hard, i said please tell me im not going insane, i said do you see a little gold colored dog (pomeranian ) over there? Just then patty my sister blocked Goldie, he said no…. i said in front of patty…. he said yes… i said patty do you see a little gold colored dog in front of you… she said yes.. i picked her up and Goldie just looked at me with this beautiful look on her face, i started crying so hard and holding her but she wasnt acting like a dog. I said you’re not supposed to be here Goldie, we had you put to sleep. I gotta call Ricky find out what’s going on here…. i was feeling so overwhelmed with grief i could barely speak words in my dream… i cant handle having these dreams all the time…
My dreams have gone from family members living to dead loved ones and they all bring me to tears…. yes bad childhood, but i was always my mommas babyif it helps im the baby of 6

Posted 10 months ago

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Interpretation #1

I figured out what my dreams mean. They are actually connected. You see i took care of my momma her last few months of life, and she decided to stop medical treatment. She stopped her insulin too. Her body was shutting down but it was her sugar level that took her life. And i wondered how that was viewed in the eyes of the church and i have been praying for her soul.
My dog Goldie, when i had to have her put down, i felt like i killed her even tho i did not….

I believe my dreams are actually my mother’s way of letting me knoe she is okay, and healthy again, and i do not need to keep praying for her soul. She had to give me the dream about my dog to make me make the connection between the two, that’s why Goldie didn’t act like a dog in my dream and was so beautiful and radiant like my mother.
Im finally okay now… i know she is at peace

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Answered By: brendricky(5 points Novice)

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