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Dreamt about an Ex!?

So me and my ex boyfriend broke up about a year ago and haven’t really seen each other since. Last weekend was the first time we’ve been face to face since a week before the breakup (he was out of town). Anyways, so last weekend when I saw him, it was really weird and he stopped at one point and kind of just looked at me and it just felt like there was so much emotion in his eyes (we were at a motocross race) and it was kind of like a really dramatic moment. So he’s had a girlfriend, since a month after we broke up, and me and her have had our numerous trials and tribulations over this past year. Although last night I dreamt I was friends with her. There was a big party at my moms best friends house and she was right across from it. So I texted her, we met up and of course she was with my ex. He talked to me for a minute before I ran off. I went inside the house where nothing was going on and stood at the sink to start dinner. My ex walked in the house, asked me where my phone was, and stepped on it. It barely cracked but I picked up and we actually started to joke about it. He walked outside, his dad took him away to do something, but looked angry that he would even be talking to me so I went inside againbut he came right back. Outside, there were tons of people, kind of like people we would see at his motocross races, not at this party. He made me come to the stairs, so I put my legs out and he sat at the bottom and put his arms across my legs. shortly, his girlfriend came up and yelled at him for even associating with me and walked off angrily. He looked at me and kind of shrugged and smiled his crooked smile and then I woke up. I just have a weird feeling today, I guess because it all felt so real but what does it all mean? I haven’t dreamt about him in months until now.

Posted 2 years ago

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