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Dreamt of a Crow

I’m 16// Basically the dream was short, and it seemed like in the dream I was a little hazed. I was by a window and a crow was trying to come in through said window. I tried closing the window but the crow was already halfway through and each time I tried shutting it, it would get vicious and try to bite/peck me. It’s neck was all twisted from where I was shutting the window on it in the dream but it was still moving about and flailing it’s wings. Everything seemed foggy in the dream, as in I didn’t have clear sight like I have in most of my other dreams.

Posted 11 months ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1

hi ……I feel this dream means that u are afraid of someone invading your space…..and….at the moment …….u may feel that someone that u do not like is trying to get too close…….u may have left this matter unattended for a while……and now u feel that it is time to act on your fear before it is too late……the bird is almost in your window and has been very dominant……so if there is a dominant person or situation that u fear…maybe now is the time to take appropriate actions……hope this helps ………….

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Answered By: dream catcher(2 points Novice)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

are u afraid of crows….if so….maybe u feel that something u fear is on the way…..some one or something is entering your safe place…..u are trying to shield yourself with the window…..but the crow seems to b determined to gain access….maybe someone or something is trying to intrude your space……u need to act on your fear before it is too late and do more to protect yourself…..the window may suggest that your barrier is not strong enough and that u need to take more affirmative action to face and abolish your fears…..hope this helps

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