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Drema about unknow friend committing suicide.

I had this very odd dream It started out in this school or academy and I was with two people a girl who looked like my cousin and a boy who kinda looked liked me, they were my friends. Then dream transitioned to a different one. In this dream I was in a very nice house I had a stepmom who look alot like my favorite teacher . Anyways I left the house to go to the same school from the dream before and the same thing happend but this time I came home with my to friends and I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth with this really small brush my stepmom said “that is was going to be heard from me to brush with that thing” but then she got mad all of a sudden and told my friends that we needed to talk in private. All she said to me was “ you’re going home “ and the dream changed. That nice house was still in the same but it was really dirty, there were dirty plates and cups and there was trash every where the only thing different thing different about the house was that the paint on the wall, the furniture and living room was, the same living room I have in my real house, and my parents and brother were there and they treated me like a slave . My real dad came up to me and said there was this new kid named James that he wanted me to talk to. Apparently he’s a foster kid and his real parents were drug addicts and never took care of him. And soon enough, someone was knocking at the door I opened it and it was James. He looked like someone from a Disney channel movie I can’t remember the name of right now. He was really fun to hang out with. It was time for him to go he said to me “ I had funny hanging out with you, really I did ” and he handed me this note but I didn’t read it right away because my parents were yelling at me so I could get them drinks. I stood up with my two friends from the last dream and the next morning, there was someone knocking at the door I was really excited because I thought it was James coming over to play again, but it was this other kid named Sam, he was small and round and looked like he was 7 years old. I said “ who are you?” “ I’m James stepbrother ” he said “ Where’s James I asked?” “Oh you didn’t read the note?” Then I remembered the note James gave me last night “Come in” I said “ And close the door behind you please.” I started to look for the note and I asked my mom were it was, she found it and gave it to me and.…….it was………a suicide note, that James wrote before he left the night before. I felt like I lost something so important to me, I felt like he was a real friend to me and I wish I could have read the note earlier because if I did he would still be alive.

Posted 8 months ago

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Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

Let me tell you a story about a classmate in my junior high, the kid was polite and do not seem to be a trouble lad. Years later after high school graduation, the lad take his own life. It came a shock to the friends of the lad, because they felt him as a friend which they had share times together, which troubles them.
What I can offer is advise for friendship, in this life, choose wisely who you want to be friends in the long run, and like most cases, the friends who you later figure as a valuable friends might not live to your age or surpass you.
The decision is your, make the most happy memory, if you ask your elder, they might have taught you not to “live life with regret”.
Apology if you did not understand this interpretation, but about the family part, not everyone has perfect family, and that how they to become near perfect, so that you were made to be raised stronger, despite all that flaws in human nature.

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