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Driving the tram in Prague

I was with my family in Prague. But we were staying at two different places(buildings).I don’t think it was a hotel, more like an apparemment building with huge windows. So my baby sister and I were staying together in the building that was across the street from my mom’s and my brother’s.
I remember that we were trying to get somewhere and we were in a hurry.The whole time we rode the tram, the same info message was repeated over and over.It was something about music, maybea certain music genre. We drove the tram and i have the feeling that we had to switch to another one, but I’m not 100% sure.
At one point we were in a mall kind of building and we were searching for something. It’s more like I was searching and the other ones were just standing beside me. I was in a hurry and was stressing myself out.
Suddenly I was in my mom’ s and my brother’s room and from the window I could see my room. They wanted to visit a friend of my mom and I and my sis decided to stay in our room. I was helping them find the line they needed to get there. And I remember that it was supposed to be a very special line.
Then I looked out of the window and I saw the tram(line 17) and we runned outside but it wasn’t there.
I wanted to look at the timetable when a middle aged man chatted me up. He was talking about cameras, at first in English and then he begun mixing German and continued only in German. In his last sentence he said that DSLR cameras have no future.
At first when he chatted me up, I was startled, but then I listen carefully because I was interested and when he said his last sentence I thought he was crazy.
Suddenly the tram came and I watched as my mom and brother departed.
In order to get to my room I had to wait at the traffic lights which were on a cross road. I was looking to my right when I heard the tram info message and turned to the left(the direction where the tram stop was) and a tram drove past me incredibly fast. I fell like a piece of wood on my left side. Somehow i bounced of the pavement like a ball, but just a couple of centimetres from the ground and when i bounced of the ground i was at a playground/outdoor basketball court that was full of people and everything was frozen in time and glitchy. That’s when I woke up.

I’m sorry if it’s too long but I wanted to include every element. Thanks in advance!!

Posted 2 months ago

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