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Drowning ill baby

So I was in this pool there is a bunch of people around the pool and in. the pool was huge deep end was probably about like 20 feet and there was a newborn baby at the bottom and there was like shit around the babies butt. I wanted to go save the baby before drowned to death but no one would let me because the baby was fucked up from birth because the mother was a drug addict or a junkie or I think she was an e tard. so there was a little girl she looked about 5 that swam down to try and save the baby but kept dropping it and it kept sinking so I’m like fuck this and I went and grabbed them both and took the baby and it was alive and everyone was mad at me and I don’t know where the mother was but the father was sitting on like a pool chair and he looked like an ex junkie or maybe he even had mental issues I can’t remember and I put the babe in his arms and all of a sudden the babies body was string skinny but the head was normal and the father didn’t know how to hold a baby so I was try to tell him keep the head elevated don’t let her neck support her head blah blah blah and then when I asked people why no one wanted to save the baby they said cause it’s going to die soon and isn’t healthy enough to make it


I was by myself topless in the pool then all of a sudden a shit ton of people where there and I was trying to hide my beast under the water and look for somthing to cover me up and when I went under the water to hide that’s when I found the baby

I also had one last week a girl was all bloody and had to give birth on her own people where chasing her I had to hide her then take her baby to safety

What does this mean help!

Posted 11 months ago

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