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Dying & becoming a ghost, but having to figure everything out..

Anyone know what it means when you have a dream of where you died? I’ll tell you about my dream, of course, for further details.
It first started off a bit scary, and at this point I didn’t realize I had been dead or that I was a ghost. Basically, it was a rather large, but creepy, and a bit bloody, dark maze of a house that you have to find your way out of. And when you finally make it out, you make it into another “house”. It’s a bit dark, and foggy around the rooms and hallways, and there’s always one bright light that shines down from above, lighting up MOST of the room, but you can tell the rooms aren’t furnished or anything like that. The one room, which came off to me as a sort of kitchen, had a big island counter in the middle and I and other ghosts just keep walking around and around it. I get this sense of urgency that I need to escape, I have to figure out what happened to me. That’s why I’m there, and the other ghosts too.. But a lot of them don’t catch on, they don”t know. They’re still in some sort of trance, walking around and around, and you have to break out of the trance to be able to figure it out. I find this sort of black, muggy portal door, but I CAN’T go through but I just don’t know why– and that’s the door you need to be able to go through to go back to the real world. SO I’m wandering through these dark halls and I see this big bin of neatly folded clothes, and a bathroom right next to it. I go into the bathroom first, and there’s too girls around my age, (20-23) and they’re sitting up on the counter of the sink. It’s a big bathroom like in a walmart or something. You can tell these girls are VERY aware that they are ghosts, and they can tell I am too, but I guess I’m still not completely /there/ on everything. They tell me to go back out and get human clothes, and it’ll help. So I go out and I see this other girl already rummaging through the bin, so I grab out some clothes and we kind of instantly become “friends”, not in a sense that we click, but it just feels friendly, and right as we’re about to go back in, we hear this screech of a scream and this girl with long dark hair in a ponytail running at us– she’s a bit younger than us. We make it inside the bathroom just in time as she slams into it, and I struggle to keep it clocked and lock it while she throws a fit outside. The two girls on the counter seemed unfazed and I don’t understand why. Then they tell us the scale, from 1 to 10, of how ghosts handle it after they come to realize they’re dead, and she was a level 1 apparently. The girl I made friends with is a 6 or 8, and I’m a level 2. Which I was so confused about. I guess I had been really upset when I realized I was a ghost and walked around upset, but not like what the girl did. That’s why I was SO desperate to get out and go through the portal door, but I couldn’t. The girls sort of laughed about it, but I was upset and told them maybe they just didnt realize it and they were a 4. It’s like a time skip here, and a bit passes, we’re both changed and we follow the two girls out and to the portal and when they walk through it shines white and fades back to black. I remember my heart racing before I walk through, and when I do and come out on the other side, we’re in a lit room that’s grey, with light, speckled grey couches and a table in the middle littered with photos. Me and the girl from the clothes bin drop down to the table and immediately flip over these pictures it’s pictures of us, and tells us what happened to us. My story had been that I was with a group of friends (they seemed to be real friends from my childhood) and my brother, and it seemed we had got caught up in a shooting. Mind you, I’ve never had anything to do with that kind of stuff before, I’ve never even lived close to something like that. It’s scary to think about, but I’ve never been particularly scared about shooting and what not– anyways, I had been the only one shot and died. And I see a picture of me, smiling at the camera and I start crying, after having read my death report. I realized exactly what happened to me and I was sad that my life had ended so shortly. I was only 20 after all, and had barely experienced anything. The only thing wrong with the picture, was my name, instead of “Seaira Keith” it was “Seaira Keairah” and there was a picture of my brother, who instead of “Dakota Keith” was “Dimeitha Keith”, which doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe it was just foggy sleep brain not being able to fix it, but whatever. A man comes in then, and sits down on the sofa and you can tell he’s kind of the in charge guy. He’s an older man, probably around 50-60, no facial hair, white hair hidden underneath a fishing hat. Button up and a jacket over, khaki pants and loafers, and he’s fiddling something in his hands, I crawl over and rest my arms on the sofa next to him and he’s talking to us, and telling us we can go to the next life, back out into our world and I remember specifically asking him “Will I be alive though?” and he says well yes, and keeps talking about it all. And I ask him again “Yes, but will I be alive? Like an actual person with my life back?” and he said, “Oh well,… I don’t know about that.” But he’s not looking at me, and I think I thought he wasn’t sure, or knew exactly but wouldn’t tell me because he felt bad. And that’s where the dream ended. This is the first time I’ve had this dream, though. I remember having this dream before, it had deja-vu all over it. I remember feeling that throughout the entire dream. I don’t know if this dream even means anything, or if it’s just a dream. I know I’ve been reading about reincarnation a lot lately, so maybe it’s just spurred on by that?

Posted 2 years ago

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