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Dying in a nuclear explotion in Italy.

A few details i think i should mention before i start:
– I am going to study in Italy next year.
– Maybe I’ll go to Spain after Italy.
– I hadn’t been dealing with a lot of feeling i had lately (depression, loneliness, feeling of being betrayed and probably other thing i can’t dig up from my conscious).
– I am an atheist.

My dream:
I dreamt i was in Italy with my dad, and we were in a square, very beautiful, and there was a swimming contest going on; me and my dad among other competitors had to help our partner in the contest to swim to the finish line as we would be on his back, this had to be done after our partner would come out of diving into into the deepest of the pool and touching the ground then coming out and we had to get on him (me and my dad were not partners). My partner was very fast and first, he came out and i got on his back but i had no idea i had to help him so i ended up making him reach a place lower than first, he was not mad, but didn’t interact with him after the race.
Me, my dad and his friend who had a belly sat on benches who where like those in a football field where people sit, but they were from wood; there was a woman from Spain not sitting very far from us, i knew she was from Spain because like in video games it showed me with HUD like features a Spanish flag on her. We were joking about how “we” Italians always start off well but then mess thing up on the crucial moment. that’s the moment i noticed the woman from Spain, and as i was looking at her i saw a volcano who had black clouds above it (also above us suddenly) forming a tornado at the opening of that volcano, but as it touch the opening, a nuclear missile launched out of it and left behind it a mushroom cloud; my dad was very afraid because he thought there was a war starting that we didn’t know about. the missile did many sharp curves and it then stopped at out left, and few good feet away, then turned to the ground and fell, i was not afraid, and i felt i was dying, and i could vividly feel my eye drums exploding, and it hurt me(i felt it). then it was all orange with a bit of dark, i couldn’t move.
It was only my conscious present and i could hear myself talking/thinking, then i got afraid because i thought i was going to be like this for eternity; Suddenly i started hearing the normal noises of a no school day morning, thinking i got reincarnated, but then i opened my eyes smoothly and realized i was home.

Posted 3 years ago

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