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Earth Apocalypse

It Started with the sky going purplish on color, and i could see that the moon was totally destroyed in the sky, pieces of moon floating in the sky, and slowly debris of the moon was getting bigger. I started panicking to realize that this was the apocalypse. I had my family around me and then this Gigantic Piece of Moon crashed somewhere in the horizon of the earth, exploding like a Enormous Atomic Bomb.
The Explosion caused the Ground to shatter like waves. it was just like in the movies. Shockwaves tearing down house. The Shockwave approaching like death. When it almost hit me.. i ducked down and closed my eyes. After that it was all white, it was nothing except some voices..

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Posted 2 years ago

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Interpretation #1

Wow I have also had several dreams like this. the latest was also about the moon exploding! But the moon didn\\\’t affect the planet, the planted just gave in, it was almost like it sucked itself in. I remember it kept feeling like earthquakes, but whole cities would just sink, not completely into the ground but would sink like 60 feet. I remember walking around these cities and thinking this is the only time everyone is getting along. people were just so happy to see other people and I totally remember the heat of these little fires that people were lighting to huddle around and stay warm. everyone looked so sad and everything just looked so destroyed and sad. but the earthquakes kept happening and I remember feeling the ground sink again and waters started to come flowing in. I remember thinking in my dream that the moon must be more important for earth than anyone ever realized.

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Answered By: reallylost(7 points Novice)

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