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Eating pizza

I keep having dreams about eating pizza. Sometimes it is a cheese pizza, other times the pizza is full of meat. I don’t go to bed hungry so I am wondering what could be the meaning of these dreams.

Posted 6 years ago

Interpretations (3)

Interpretation #1

In dreams food is the symbol for the qualities we see in ourselves. Types of food in a dream mean different things. For instance, if a person has a dream about frozen food it could indicate the dreamer feels he has a cold demeanor.
In dreams pizza is a symbol of variety and choice. In your dreams there are different types of pizzas, showing you had an array of pizzas to choose from. Pizza also represents abundance. You noted that in some dreams the pizza is “full of” meat. This could mean that you feel you have more than enough to meet your needs in life.
Were there any pepperoni pizzas in your dreams? Pepperoni in a dream means you need to add more spice and variety in your life. The circular shape of the pizzas may hold the meaning to your dreams as well. In dreams circles symbolize wholeness and completeness. If you felt uncomfortable with the pizzas it means you feel you are going in circles in your waking state.

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Answered By: Dreamsolver(24 points Dream Interpreter)
Interpretation #2

Maybe you need to nurture yourself more, not neccessarily real food, but food for the soul. Pizza is usually comfort food, so maybe you need more comforting yourself, have less stress and anxiety.
It really depends on what pizza means to you, what qualities you associate with it, that is the kind of nurturing you feel you need.

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Answered By: thornad(84 points Slumber Master)
Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

my girl friend brought me pizza but i didn’t eat that

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