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End of the world and having huge wings

Dream 11•26•14

So in this dream, I remembered most of it, but im only going to write down the most vivid parts because im lazy. =^.^=

Cody, my parents and I were in a small prayer room in a large church, watching a small television screen. There was a weatherman from Komo4 News besides a large, animated map of the World,
within a basic studio setup. He was wearing a basic suit, red tie and slicked hair with a big, fake smile. Cody and I were sitting in two chairs next to each other with my mom and dad behind us. I was tightly holding his hand as we listened to the weatherman say, “…And today, the results of the Christian God returning to Earth has appeared in the following states and/or countries; California, Oregon, Western Alaska, Canada, the Hawaiian Islands, Japan, and Washington.” We froze. We were in Washington. The weatherman looked up and pointed to the animated map besides him and started explaining the destruction. “If you currently reside in either one of these states, and/or countries, hurry away, or you will experience most of the following; 4 and up magnitude earthquakes, severe flooding, tsunamis, volcanic activity and eruptions, wild fires, and in some places, extreme tornados/hurricane like activity.” He turned back to the camera and said “Thank you for your time, this is Jim Hutson on Komo4 News.” I looked at Cody, he had his head in his hands. I looked at my parents, and my mom was crying in my dads arms. I looked at my hands, with a sinking feeling. “Mom? Why didn’t we go with Jesus?” I asked quietly. “I don’t know, Taitum. I don’t know.” she sobbed. Cody put his arm across my shoulders to comfort me as the devastation hit me like a blow to the face. I turned and hugged him tightly as I could as tears streamed down my face. -Flash Forward- I was walking down a long hallway, filled with modern age technology, and simple, white lights and smooth, grey slate flooring. Cody was by my side. My parents were behind us, walking quietly. There were some other people in the hall, a diverse group of many races we walked with. Soon we came up to a pair of heavy-duty construction sliding doors, with yellow ‘warning’ tape on the edges. I looked at Cody, he nodded, and we both stepped into the doors. As we pushed past them, bright, startling light flooded everywhere, and I was temporarily blinded. I blinked furiously, covering my face as I waited for my eyes to adjust. When the pain subsided, I looked up to see a massive, complex mini-city type of thing. There was a very wide cat walk hugging the massive main building, and in the center of it was a bridge, leading to a huge, triangular shaped building. People were everywhere. Crowding the walkways and bridges and poring out and into the building. I was momentarily confused, “Where are we?” I muttered to Cody. He shrugged, half listening because he was taking in the view. My parents brushed past us with a “Meet you in an hour…”and started some unknown mission. (Probably to get coffee or something) So Cody and I started making our way down to the bridge, or “skywalk” as it was called. I stopped after a few seconds. I had this sinking feeling that started in my head and went down to my feet. Something bad was about to happen. Cody looked back at me, a questioning look on his face. He could clearly see my distress so he said “Ill go pick us up some coffee, ok?” I slowly nodded, barley hearing his voice over the wind and crowd. I automatically nodded, but as soon as 5 minutes passed, I immediately regretted not going with him. A loud, deafening crack resounded throughout the large space, and the ground started moving in fast, wavy motions. “An earthquake!” I thought as I dropped to my knees. People screamed as the large triangular building suddenly split away from the big bridge and started sinking into the ground. -Think if the scene from Titanic where one part of the ship was sinking into the ocean, throwing the other end into the air. That is what it looked like. Scary, right?- People screamed as chaos erupted, the sound mingling with the deafening roar of breaking concrete and metal grating against each other. I stood, completely calm. Everything seemed in slow motion, as I started running flat out, people diving and rolling out of the way. My mind was focused on only one thing. Cody. He was around that triangular building, it had a cafe in it. After 10 steps, I’ve gained speed and I reached the edge of the catwalk. I threw myself over the railing and into the chasm below. As I sailed past the metal bar, I automatically straightened out my body, like I was doing a high dive into water. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, relishing the feeling of wind rushing past my face. I automatically calculated that the drop was around 900 ft, and I was falling around 5ft pr second, so I needed to act fast. ~Loved this part~ I did something, that felt like rolling my shoulders, and I felt these… wings… stretch out on either side of me. It felt like I had an extra pair of arms, except with feathers. They were pure white, except for a few tan speckles. They were over 15ft in diameter when fully extended, and they fit perfectly on my sides when folded. It was a dream come true. I half-closed them, so I could gain speed. When I neared the ground, I flared my wings and my body was thrown forward. I could feel my wing muscles straining as the wind tugged at them. I banked sharply over the empty chasm, squinted and blinked to get the dust out of my eyes. I soared over the sinking mass of concrete and glass, frantically looking for Cody.
I saw him running up the tiled plaza along with a mass of people, struggling to get to the top. I cried out as I took a nose-dive and shouted his name. Somehow, Cody heard me and looked up. For a split second, relief was written on his face, but then immediately replaced with terror as the plazas incline grew faster. I shut my wings as the feeling of weighing nothing took me over as I dropped to the ground. I landed lightly on my feet and did a barrel roll to absorb the impact. For a heartbeat, I couldn’t find him. I was surrounded by a mass of moving bodies. Then I felt a breath on the back of my neck and arms around my shoulders. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. For a second, time stopped as Cody embraced me in a frantic relief. He was okay, but a little startled at my wings. -lol-
But that peaceful moment was torn apart ad the ground lurched and I was thrown backwards, on top of Cody. The sudden movement was accompanied by a grating noise that you could feel in your bones. I gasped as the plaza started sliding into the black, bottomless chasm I flew over before. So I jump to my feet, hauled the startled Cody up and held him tightly to me, my arms around his chest. I crouched, and threw ourselves up 20 ft into the air. I flared my wings and thrust them in a sharp downward motion, groaning at the weight of both of our bodies. I made a quick, upward decent and -somehow idk how this happened- we appeared in a strange clearing at the edge of a forest. I struggled to make a light landing, but failed as my knees bucked and I fell on top of Cody again. -i be a clumsy foo- I laid there, completely winded, as Cody rolled over so we were laying side-by-side. There was a blue sky above us, wispy clouds freckling the sky. When I got my energy back and my thoughts about me, I rolled over so I was hugging him.
“Im so glad that your okay…” I whispered into his shirt.
He sighed. “Thank you, Tait, for… you know… saving my skin back there.”
I smirked as I hugged him tighter in response.
“But I have one question…” Cody asked.
“Hmm?” I mumbled.
“What about those wings? You a bird now?”
I smiled and poked his chest in mock protest. He just laughed and hugged me back. It was awesome.
_ ________
\ (•-•) / ~ ~ ~ >
( ( >~~~~>
/ \

Posted 2 years ago

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